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Agent on IPDS Printers

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I'm new to the Automate world, but when I deployed my first probe about two weeks ago, I suddenly started having issues with four of my printers that have IPDS cards in them.  We're using the IPDS cards on printer with IBM remote outqs.  Of the four printers, two are Ricoh and the other two are Lexmark.  Both Ricoh printers are throwing an SC899 error, which indicates a bad PDF was sent to the printer, but one of the printers is only connected to the IBM server and is used to print checks, nothing in PDF format.  I've tried removing the probe, and removing the devices from Automate, to no avail.  The only commonalities I've found between the four printers is they are on the same subnet, they all have an IPDS card (none of the other printers do), and this started happening shortly after I launched my first network probe.

Any ideas from the LabTech/Automate veterans, please?

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