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Wake on LAN script function is reporting successful but not actually doing anything

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I'm trying to set up a Wake on LAN script so that we can schedule automated WOL for patching, but it appears that the WOL script function is not functioning properly. I've gone through all the computer settings and made sure that WOL is working properly using a magic packet software, and I'm able to get it to boot just fine using that method. Is there anything additional that I need to set up in order for the script function to work properly? As of now it will just run, and report that it finished successfully but in reality it does not actually do anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)

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WOL can never be fully relied on, however for Automate it does require a probe or online Master computer that can be used to send the WOL packet from. I would recommend a probe machine that is online.

ConnectWise Control has its own Wake On Lan functionality as well that you can test to see if its something specific to Automate (CWC will find an online machine from the same public IP and send a magic packet to wake up another machine). 

While we use WOL as needed when we see a computer we need offline, I would not recommend automating it, as the script will sit and wait if it doesn't finish and can clog the queue up with thousands of database entries (depending on how many computers you have). This was an issue someone discovered when working with support about why he was suddenly much slower than he should have been, and once he cleared out all the pending WOL commands everything resumed normal performance.

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