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Monitor Failed Logins By Machine and Account

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Hi Geeks, 

Spent the afternoon building a new RAWSQL monitor for login failures and I'm very interested in hearing your feedback. Right now I'm looking for event ID 4625 and counting the number of failures on each account per machine. Right now the threshold is set at 10 but that can be easily changed by adjusting the last number in the query. I split out the log message into a couple different fields to make it easier on the techs, cause asking them to read the entire log message was too much :-). For anyone that is onprem and using BrightGauge I have also set this up as a dataset to report on, let me know if you'd like me to share that. 

Let me have it

EV- Failed Logins By Machine & Account.zip

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I appreciate the time you put into this. I am curious how and if we could add a condition which looks for "IP ADDRESSES" that have attempted to login more than 10 times within a 24 hour period? For those trying to brute force a logon?


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