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Khan Tomlinson

Autofixing Broken Agents

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Hi All,

I have created an Automate monitor to detect and raise tickets for broken agents.  It does this by comparing the last check in date in Automate with the last seen date in Webroot.  If Webroot has seen the agent within the past 24 hours and Automate thinks the agent has been offline for 7 days, the agent is considered broken.

I am now looking at autofixing this by creating a script that will use another PC at the same location (possibly the Network Probe) to remotely restart the service using the following CMDs.

SC \\COMPUTERNAME stop "LTService"

SC \\COMPUTERNAME start "LTService"

If this fails to work, my next step would be to see if we can reinstall Webroot.

I was wondering if it is possible to have another PC from the same location called from the monitor to run the script.  If it isn't, are there any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?

Thanks all,


Automate Broken Agent.PNG

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There should be no need to use RAWSQL. Just use "plugin_webroot3_computers" for the Table to check, and "LastSeen" as the Field to check. I think this will work better, since you are doing RAWSQL wrong.

You can switch to another computer mid-script by changing the value of "@computerid@". So the alert would start on the offline computer (make sure you are using an "Offline" script). Just pick another computerid from the location to run your commands from inside the script, change the value for "@computerid@", run your commands, and then change the "@computerid@" value back so that you can log a result.  The stock "Monitor Offline Agent" script does almost exactly this. It would be a good reference for you.

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I am curious if you have been able to fully implement this solution. I am looking for something similar, but to check against CW Control agent status, and to possibly trigger Control to re-install the agent (or use the network probe).  Would you care to share your findings?

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