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Offline Alerting

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Hi There

I have more than 20 computers which are under (Main location) along with my personal laptop and test machine both are under the "main location". Whereas they are not available physically at the same location. My Laptop and test machine at my home and both are connected with a different network. 

Now my question is if the power outage issue will occur or the internet Service down will be down in the "Main location" then how did I get the offline location Alert? What should I have to change under the Offline location monitor set? The condition is I don't want to create a new location for those two machines.

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Personally i do create other locations like one for mobile devices. The locations should be for broadcast networks and with a network probe etc when you need to connect to machines or manage them a site master makes things happen quicker. The mobile devices location i set not to do the off line monitoring.

If you still want them all grouped then create a custom network monitor to run on another server to connect back to that location.

You would of course also get lots of off line server alerts if they are managed.



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