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Transferring a file from LT Share

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Hi All,

All I want to do st transfer a .dll from my LTShare to C:\Windows\LTSvc\packages\PowerShellScripts. Seemingly this is a bit tricky.

I can transfer it to C:\Users\LocalUser\Downloads\PowerShellScripts using PowerShells "Copy-Item" But I am not going to know the path of "LocalUser". There doesn't seem to be a variable for "User Profile" that I can specify. If there was, then job done.

Any idea how I can expose what the current logged in users profile path is and how to then cope ONE FILE to it?!

Any assistance would be great appreciated 🙂


Kind regards,





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Try to see if you can pass this to the script:

$cred = Get-Credential UserTo.RunAs


$username = $env:username

So it goes something like this:



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