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PROC - Bad Process Monitor

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I'm sure this has been posted plenty of times but with version changes and being new to the platform, you get to see it again!

As you may have guessed, our bad process monitor is returning the process ID rather than the process name. It was my understanding that this was addressed in the later version of Automate (Though i'd only be guessing if i said which) We're on the latest version and are still getting the PID in the ticket message. I'd expect this is because of the variables set in the Autofix script. My question is, Can i use any "set type" variables for use in ticket messages and if so, which variable am i looking for to provide the process name rather than PID? The message currently looks like this "The Bad Process Monitor detected a Process that is marked bad: @result@. This process should be terminated. " Thanks in advance for the insight provided. (Provided there is insight, xD )

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I'm having the same issue would be interested if someone has a fix for it.

Currently have a ticket with connectwise for the issue and i'm waiting to hear back. Will post if they give me a fix.

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