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ScreenConnect Redeploy through Script

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Trying to see if there's a way of scripting the Command that redeploys ScreenConnect.  I saw the script someone posted to uninstall/reinstall.  We're on the last patch 2019.6, and the previous issues with Redeploy not working don't seem to be happening.  Actually Redeploy seems to be the one consistent fix we found to the issue.  It actually shows up in the command history, and has suceeded every time we've run it. 

The issue we see is that the ScreenConnect Client service doesn't start, and restarting the computer does not seem to solve.  The version is the latest and everything else appears to be fine.  So I created a search to find the serivce, service not running, software installed and agent online.  Gave me a good list of 12 machines currently.  Created a group tied to the search.  Have a monitor creating alert.  So now, I can go to the group, right click all the agents and redeploy.  However, I'm looking to automate this...  I can't seem to find a way of running the command to "redeploy".  

I noticed there's a script action for plugins, but found no documentation for it on CW University. The function is Plugin Agent Command, the command is ScreenConnectRemotePlugin.PluginClasses.SvcCommand.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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