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Advanced Search - Agent Type

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Weird issue...

So I will eventually work out a report in the Report Center, but for now I cannot make a single report that covers both the BIOS.Start.Date and Agent Type.  

In Advanced Search the Agent Type (Server, Workstation, Laptop) appears to be missing; and in Dataview > Assets > Agents the BIOS.Start.Date is missing.

One or the other would work in the interim until I can build an actual report.

Am I just blind and missing something?

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Posted (edited)

So a quick chat with Connectwise and they didn't have anything direct in Advanced Search; however, I just need to figure out how to use IsServer/IsPortable and an EDF I have set for Workstations Works as Server and turn their boolean values into an all inclusive.  Then I can just take the Excel dump and use conditional formatting to convert the values to text.

Now to just get the Advanced Search to work:

   [Computer.Bios.Start.Date] Does not equal 1/1/2025
   [Computer.OS.Name] Does not equal 0
   [Computer.LabTech.LastContactDate] Is less then 7/1/2025
   [Computer.OS.IsServer] Is true
      [Computer.Hardware.IsPortable] Is true

Is not working.  Not sure why an Or would eliminate results to zero.  I just need to reference the fields so it includes it in the data.  Even tried change the main group from And to Or as well and still zero results.

By the way, this is something I am just trying to throw together quickly without having to create a SQL query to build a dataset or build a report in Report Center; that is a task for later.

I need the report to include:

Client (default)
Location (easy to add)
Computer Name (default)
Computer User (default)
Bios.Start.Date (easy to add)
LastContactDate (easy to add)
OS Name (easy to add)
Agent Type (Server, Desktop, Laptop) using IsServer, IsPortable and EDF we use to mark a Workstation as Server. (not so easy to add)

I'll keep working on it and post results.

Edited by SOrlando

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Ok, so I went a completely different route thanks to my friends on MSPGeek Slack.

I activated the Dataview Creator in Control Center and was able to join the inv_bios table to pull the BIOS Start Date field and add it to the Agents Search dataview.

All is well!


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