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Software Deploy - MSI Packages

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Software Deployment Script Template
I created this script to simplify new software deployments. Please remember that this is meant to be a template, to feel free to customize it to fit your deployment needs. 
• This script can be used for multiple software deployments from a parent script (such as Onboarding or a New Computer Build)

What it does: 
 - Checks to see of the Software is already installed on the computer. 
 - Creates a ticket for accountability. 
   - As the script runs, updates the status of the installation
   - Comments the ticket if the download fails. 
   - Attaches the installation string and computers response when executed.
   - Verifies if the software is successfully installed or not. 
   - Automatically closes the ticket once the software's installation is complete and verified. 
   - Gives you the option to add billable time to the ticket. 
 - Downloads the software installer from Web/FTP to the installation folder you specify on the local computer (default: C:\Support\Vender)
   - Ready for both x32 & x64 bit packages respectively. 
 - Executes a MSI installation silently by default. 
   - You can very easily edit & execute multiple line batch or Powershell scripts from the existing execute function (which then gets displayed in the ticket). 
   - Customize it with whatever parameters /variables your installation script needs. 
 - Updates the Software & Services inventory for that computer, then confirms that the software is successfully installed. 
This template is pre-loaded with all of the variables to download & install 7-Zip. Replace the content of the variables with your software information. 
 Reminder: @SoftwarePackageName@ needs to match the exact name of the software as it exists in Add/Remove Programs. It's using this name to compare if the software is already installed and to confirm that it's successfully installed at the end. 

Template - Software Install MSI.xml

Template - Software Install MSI.zip

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This script is exactly what I am looking for! How do I import it?

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I have to give you a HUGE thank you! I have been struggling all week to figure this out. Your script worked better and did more than I was even hoping for! 😁

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