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Docs for CWM plugin and CONFIGURATIONS - ?

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We've been using CWA and CWM for several years now. We've never made use of configurations, and I don't know the first thing about them, certainly not enough to ask any intelligent questions.

I'm having trouble even finding documentation about the feature.

Can any of you point me to any pages that will explain configurations, and help me figure out how I can get CWA device knowledge sync'ed to CWM? Specifically I'm hoping there is a way I can selectively sync, such that only devices from one client sync to CWM, for example, before I take the plunge for everybody.



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Our main use of Manage's Configurations is for billing purposes and as a waypoint along the way to becoming an IT Glue Configuration. All a Manage Configuration is, is just a way to document assets in that environment. Before ITG came along it was where we had techs create most of the non-RMM-provided assets (printers, routers, switches, NAS/SAN units, etc).

If you want to sync more than just the built-in Managed Server and Managed Workstation types, you'll want to do some reading & planning on what other kinds of devices you want to sync, etc. (We have Types for various devices that we sync to IT Glue, tagged with "-ITG" in the name for easy spotting. YMMV, etc.)

In order to control which clients' agents & devices become Configurations, you want to be in the Agreement Mapping section of the Manage Plugin in Automate. Build an Asset Template (button on the bottom of that display) for the agreement type of that client, decide what Automate asset type becomes which kind of Manage configuration type (and what product in Manage), and select that template in the drop-down next to that client in the list.

Without an assigned template, the plugin doesn't have any way to know what to do with the assets so it just won't. So only the clients you've selected a template for will get sync'd.

There's one big honking-huge configuring-the-Manage-plugin doc here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/080/040/020/040

I just went through the process of getting devices out of the Network Probes into Manage/ITG so I might be able to answer certain types of questions, but I'm far from an expert at this point!

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