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Ninite Solutions stop shortcut for one program for one client

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Note sure if this is the right forum, if so, my apologies. I'm new to MSPGeek.

We've got Ninite pushing out the commonly used programs, one of them is WinDirStat. One of our clients is extremely particular over what icons are on the desktop, all others don't care or actually use it too. 

Is there a way to stop WinDirStat from adding an icon for JUST ONE client to the public and user desktops? I've found the setting for global and all ninite apps but we don't want that.

Incase it's not possible but someone has another idea, environment is a server 2016 RDP farm. 


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Creative problems require creative solutions....

Is Ninite Solution is scheduled to run at a specific time every day?

Create a script and schedule it to run 30m after the Ninite Solution schedule. Just have two script steps that will delete the shortcut from the two folders you need.

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Thanks JosephM!

Ninite Solution is set to run periodically throughout the week.

For this particular client running the script from automate isn't an option because the environment has user disks, which would mean the user(s) would have to be signed in to the RDP farm to have the icon removed. Instead we've added a line to the login script to remove the icon from the user's desktop on login if it exists. Depending on how often the public desktop one appears we may schedule a script after ninite runs to delete it.

I found out Ninite Pro has a switch to disable shortcuts for one app after posting this. I was hoping there might be a place where we can add those switches in Ninite Solution but there doesn't seem to be.

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