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Greetings everyone! 
I am on the prowl for some information. I have been tasked with deep diving into my company's Labtech configurations to improve what is already existing. I have found that there is absolutely no scheme to the 100% System Monitors that previous managers have configured. 

What i am looking for is someone to help explain whether or not I can use groups to apply monitors to each agent machine. For example, say I have a group of standard workstations and I want all machines in it (and machines added to the group) to be automatically set up with standard monitors like available disk space, memory usage, etc. What would I need to do in order to have monitors automatically set themselves up, and can I also configure alerts the same way? 

Can templates be used to make this happen as well? By what I can tell, no. Templates looks like they're only used for setting up information like agent addresses, folder/caching locations, etc which doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. I have noticed that I can apply this to groups which implies the information I set in agent settings would apply to the entire group.

Connectwise's University is stupidly vague with this stuff, so I appreciate any light that anyone can shed on this. 

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Groups are exactly the preferred, best-practice tool to accomplish your desired results.

Groups not only can apply monitors, but also schedule scripts, apply templates, and many other things. They are the central cog around which all other Automate modules rotate.

The learning curve for Automate is steep and time-dependent. If you are under the gun, I highly suggest engaging an experienced consultant to get you up and running quickly. CW has consulting and training departments, and there are a number of independent consultants that can work with you (disclaimer: I am one).

Good luck and welcome aboard - don't be afraid to dive in, the water's fine :)

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The idea is that monitors are applied under groups > service plans > workstations > 8x5 (for example)

This applies a monitor to everyone under a particular service contract.

However, you can create subgroups if you want, based on, say an extra data field. You create a search for MyEDF=Some Value, Create a group and populate the group with the search

If you create this group under workstations 8x5, the subgroup is only populated with nodes which have an 8x5 contract AND which meet the search criteria.

Under this group you enable monitors or scripts.

For exceptions we have a root level group and create subgroups which are populated with exceptions, to which we apply monitors or scripts.


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