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Automate agent loses its config file || agent goes offline

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Automate Server: v19.0.203 (Patch 7)

Agent: 120.326 || 120.328 || 190.203

Linux Servers (Ubuntu || CentOS)

We have experienced events (random) that the agent_config file is lost from /usr/local/ltechagent directory which causes the agent to go offline.

I understand that Automate agent has some sort of schedule to push this file; renaming the existing to agent_config_old, then pushing a "new/fresh" agent_config file.

Is there any sort of bug or known issue?

Help is appreciated

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I haven't seen this specific scenario before and we have about 20 CentOS servers.  We used to have problems with the agent just stopping completely and needing to be restarted.  We haven't had this problem since the latest agent updates though.

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