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Customizing a report

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We implemented Automate recently to use it internally, and segmented our different locations as different clients in order to organize the groupings a little better, but in hind sight, it appears that this will create a few hiccups here and there, including the following issue.

I am customizing a copy of the Ticket Summary report so it will show the same ticket data, but from all clients in one report so we can see all our ticket numbers in one report.  I have been able to change most or all of the data binding fields to a data field that appear that they will be pulling overall numbers, instead of based on each client.  My problem, is the numbers don't match up when running it this way, as opposed to the sum of each set of numbers from all clients.  When I click Print Preview, I also still get the Document Map tab on the left, with the list of clients.  Is there something I need to change on the detailBandClient section, or perhaps replace it with a different band and copy all the objects to the new band?

If there's any additional info you would like to see, please let me know.  I'm still new to the Report Designer, so I'm not sure which direction I need to go to solve this yet.




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