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Internal Monitor - Exclude a specific drive on an Agent

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Hi guys

I've created a monitor that raises a ticket when it sees eventID 7.

I need to exclude a particular disk on one of the agents from this monitor.

Labtech support say it can be done using the Additional Condition section but I have no idea how???

Attached is a screen shot of the Configuration tab on this monitor.

I need to ignore HardDisk1 from AgentID 3049

Any ideas?

Screenshot 2019-09-11 17.08.17.png

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Try something like either

...and (Drives.DriveID NOT IN (3275,3276,3277,3332,5170))


...and (computers.computerid=3049 and Drives.VolumeName !=  'name')

With the correct drive ID (visible on Storage tab) or computer id and volume name of course.

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