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ConnectWise Control Used As Entry Point In Texas Ransomware Attack

I would image that many, if not most, of the users of this site have heard of the increasing trend of MSPs being targeted by threat actors to distribute malware (sp. ransomware).

That article (posted: September 17, 2019, 01:25 PM EDT) is of special note because of this statement:


With an increasing number of attackers using the power of remote access tools, ConnectWise—which has been leading an industrywide effort to educate and secure MSPs from the scourge of ransomware—has opted as of Oct. 1 to implement multifactor authentication by default.

[Emphasis added]

It also includes, and references, quotes by John Ford, CISO of ConnectWise, which seems to confirm that action by ConnectWise:


Ford said while requiring multifactor authentication (MFA) by default as opposed to sitting on the system as an option could create some “abrasion” among customers, it’s “the right thing to do.”

“We’ve been stressing for quite some time, for a year, maybe two, the need to use MFA and to enable it, but given the velocity and changes to the threat environment, we no longer can rely on some of the folks to make that decision so we’re making it for them,” he said.


The article does not state when that decision was made/announced or link to a formal, written announcement by ConnectWise.

So far I have failed to locate anything "official" from ConnectWise regarding this, but openly acknowledge the very real likelihood that I have just failed to find it.

Has anyone seen such an announcement by, or received an email from, ConnectWise regarding this?

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