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How to make Labtech v2019 more functional

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Hey all,

I'm more comfy as a redditor, so I made the post to the labtech subreddit, but I wanted to crosspost here to make sure it gets the attention of anyone who might appreciate this. I got a lot of good info out of old posts about dataviews on the mspgeek forums (thanks!).

Basically, I made a custom dataview which can be used as a mostly full replacement for 2019 Automate's "Browse" interface. It provides a lot of additional data in a more accessible way. More discussion is here:


And the actual insert statement is here:



PS: I also posted this guide on how to successfully upgrade from 10.5 to 2019, and a lot of what made that possible was from comments here and on the labtech reddit, so hopefully that also helps anyone else who needs it in the future, and thanks!

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had a problem with the insert statement (forgot to remove auto-incrementing primary key) - updated pastebin link to a new pastebin post

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