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Automate Host Server's own agent shows as offline

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Hey guys,

Bit of history, I'm running Automate server 2019.9 (patch 9). About 3months ago I migrated Automate from a 2008R2 server to a to a new 2016 server. I also moved to a new network and public IP. I've setup DNAT on my firewall to forward traffic from the LAN to the FQDN of the Automate server. Any devices on the LAN with an Automate agent are happily connecting to the Automate server.

However, the Agent on the server running Automate 2019.9 (patch 9) just says offline and won't connect. I've verified it's connecting to the correct FQDN. I've removed and re-installed the Agent and disabled the Windows firewall. Also tried adding a line in the hosts file to point the FQDN to the local server IP. But no luck.

Can anyone recommend any other settings I need to check to get the agent to connect in?


Kind regards


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If you're looking at your old server's (2k8) agentid you're looking at the wrong one. If you deploy the agent on the new 2016 server it'll have a new ID and act as the new automate server.
Don't use LTPosH on your automate server to reinstall. I'd do that one by hand.
On the 2016 server check the systray icon and you can right click and select about - that should give you the ID. If the tray icon is missing then check c:\windows\ltsvc\lterrors.txt for what its issue is - if that file is missing then you havent yet installed the agent.

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Hey WesleyNZ,

Many thanks for your reply.

To re-install the agent I used the executable. Looking at the agent, the ID is 1.

In the lterrors.txt file I just get this:

LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:47 PM     - Status Result Error: :::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:49 PM     - Stopping System :::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:51 PM     - Stopped Running Commands:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:51 PM     - Cleaning Up:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:53 PM     - Stopped:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:58 PM     - Registered LTService for remoting on 42000.:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:58 PM     - REMOTING PORT IS:42000:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:58 PM     - INIT CLR:4.0.30319.42000:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:58 PM     - Platform\OS: Win32NT\10 0:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:58 PM     - Janus Enabled based on Windows Version:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:36:59 PM     - Using Standard Event Log Engine:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:37:31 PM     - ReSigning up Account because the system told me too:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:37:32 PM     - Sent Status:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:37:34 PM     - Error initializing patch system: Root element is missing.:::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:37:38 PM     - Status Result Error: :::
LTService  v190.250     - 10/2/2019 1:37:42 PM     - Status Result Error: :::

And it just repeats those errors, nothing else.

Do you think that sheds any light?

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Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact same issue, but on version 12 latest patch. Our lterrors.logs are all but identical. So far I've tried:

  • Removal/Reinstall of the agent software on the server
  • Above but with wipe of %windir%/LTSvc as well
  • Above but with wipe of agent-related info from the registry (rather scary on the server, hard to tell what's the Agent and what's the Server)

All to absolutely no avail. My Labtech/Automate server does not appear in my client list at all, which makes it rather difficult to do basic things like run scheduled cleanup scripts on it...

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Well looky there, I got mine fixed.

Check in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Labtech\Service. I found some keys in there indicating the last valid check-in was years before the server existed. I finally just renamed the entire Service key to Service.old and restarted the LTMonitoring service. Bingo, a new Service key was created and the agent ID changed from 1 to 2388. Interestingly, the LTMonitoring service renamed itself to "Connectwise Automate Agent", uniquely among any system I've checked.

I missed this key before, somehow. Either I mistook it for part of the LT server stuff and was afraid to poke it before, or I just focused on the Wow6432Node entries rather than the main HKLM set. Either way, seems to have fixed the issue.

Hopefully this works for you as well, and doesn't have any sort of horrible side-effects I'm ignorant of.

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