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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to get my head round the automation side,

Can you give me a guide on what monitors you have running against your agents on the system?

I am using ignite and this seems very large and some monitors need to be customised as we don't necessary need alerts.

Just interested in finding out what people are doing with the internal monitors? 

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What you're asking for is kind of a ton of work - export out the per-group monitor configuration for all groups. There are dozens. 

What you need to do is just pick any alerts you are not interested in and disable/remove them. The biggest ones always used to be the hardware sensors. Theres a script you can run against all nodes which will simply delete those monitors. Search for 'sensor' in scripts.

If you then find that something is generating tickets you aren't interested in (perfmon response time alerts for example) then hunt down that monitor and just disable on the branch which you are not interested in monitoring. 

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