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Logs in automate show multiple failed logins that don't exist in original event logs

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We're seeing some strange behaviour with the EV - Failed Logins monitor.

Frequently, the monitor will alert multiple failed logins on a machine. If I check the logs in automate I can see multiple failed login events (4625) happening at precisely the same second. However, when I check in event viewer on the original machine, only one or two events are logged.

This is causing many seemingly false positives as we're alerted for (for arguments sake) 40 failed logins, where the original event viewer on the machine will only have one or two. When queried, the user will report they typed their password in wrong a couple of times lending credence to event log over automate.

Has anyone seen similar behaviour? If so, did you find a solution? I don't want to ignore these alerts as they are useful (or would be if they were reliable).

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