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Virtualization Manager Hardware Sensors Unknown

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Does anyone know why and how this happens?  Even after checking the probe, connection, etc, the information doesn't update.  How do you force this to update/repair?

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.11.06 AM.png

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When we looked at this issue. We were told this information matches what is in Vsphere. 
So if Vsphere has the Unknown sensors then Virtualization manager will show them as well.

Our troubleshooting is to make sure the customized ISO was used. So Dell customized ISO used for a Dell server, HP ISO with HP Server.

We have been not using Virutalization manager and setting up IDRAC alerting as it's been very successful. 

We've gotten alot of bogus alerts due to the unknown sensors and creating alot of unneeded work. 

Our end goal is to switch to IDRAC alerting


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