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Hoping someone can help me create a script.  The script requires a selection on one window to select 64 or 32 bit installation as well as the installation key to move forward.  I have worked over 10 hours trying to get anything to work on this-  I'd really hate to manually  have to install the application on each system that needs it.

I can provide the .exe file is someone thinks they can assist me?


Thank you so much!



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A script is nothing but a series of commands. Do you have the series of commands you want to run? What part isn't working? Can you provide screenshots?

Automate scripting can filter a line by 32bit or 64bit so that part will be easy.

It sounds like you are just wanting to run a single command - if you can get that command to work from this box then you can convert it to a script from the commands tile by way of a right click. After that you can schedule the new script across any selection you want.


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