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Trying to set up a monitor that returns the event log entry in its email alert

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New to the forum and new to being a LT admin, so sorry if this has been asked before. I did some searching before posting and couldn't find anything. I'm trying to create a monitor that alerts us to failed login attempts (which I've been able to do), but also includes the event log transcript in the email body so we can see which account is trying to be accessed. I originally tried putting %username% in the email body, but it returned either the username of whichever account may have been left logged in or said "no account" if nobody was already logged in.



"Failed login attempt on domain\administrator", but then the event logged showed it was actually "administrator2" that was attempting to log in


"Failed login attempt on No Account" if everyone had already logged out of their sessions, but the event log would show that "administrator" or "administrator2" etc had tried to log in.


Rather than trying to find a LT variable that fits this I thought it'd just be easier to have it copy what was in the event log, but I can't seem to find how to do that either. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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An internal monitor can have that info in the Identity field, but be aware anything too unique (e.g. timestamp) will trigger a new alert when that info changes.

Our event monitors have:

substr(concat(eventlogs.logname,'/', eventlogs.eventid,' - ', replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(eventlogs.message,'\'', ''),'\"', ''),'\\', ''), '\t', ''), '\r', ''), '\n', '')), 1, 99)

The replacing and 99 char limit was something CWA made us do several years back, not sure if it's still a thing.  Then the alert text has it in %fieldname%:

A monitor detected a STOP error/bugcheck event on %CLIENTNAME%\%COMPUTERNAME% at %LOCATIONNAME%. The Event occurred in log/ID: %FIELDNAME%.

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