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SMS alerts

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Hi all, I thought I would share this, not too shabby (im sure there are better stuff!) Poor mans SMS alerting for servers.

1. But I set up a basic Webhook app using https://zapier.com To send a text to myself and a few other users.

2. I have a PS1 script that sits on a Server (from my office that rarely goes down (knock on wood=) )) That acts as the sender.

3. I cloned the server offline alert and upped the threshold (mine is an hour down) since most my clients dont work weekends but I want to be prepared to send someone Monday! (

>The alert template then runs a script to use a different computerID to send the script from. (Script is set to run Sat Sunday)



>powershell -executionpolicy bypass -sta -File C:\Windows\LTSvc\scripts\OfflineServer.ps1 -servername "@offlineserver@"

Thats the line =D (you can rename the ps1 to what ever you want)

Im sure there are better ways to do this but Thought I would share my noob setup in hopes it helps a soul!

Sorry this is my first post and may seem spaghetti!



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