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Bill on First Instance of Monitor Restart Service, Ticket on Subsequent Runs

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Hey all,

I'm trying to modify the Monitor Restart Service script so that it runs as normal on the first go around, but on subsequent successful restarts, it creates and leaves open a ticket without billing time. So far, I've set that up using a "Script Stats Save" function immediately after the START SERVICE note that increments the stat '@fieldname@RestartCount' for %computerid%, and an IF SQL Data Check function in the same section immediately before the IF SERVICE NOT RUNNING check that sets the ticket body text then goes to :SetScriptState. Where I'm stuck is figuring out how to clear the @fieldname@RestartCount stat. Assuming using a variable name to define that stat even works, which I'm not 100% on, how would I go about clearing all the stats corresponding to the different services on a daily basis? Is there a better way to accomplish what I'm looking to do that I'm overlooking?

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