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Script to suppress alerts on system monitors

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So I have some event log system monitors that have gotten out of hand lately. The event log is flooded with the events so the alerts to my email are going crazy. I had 13k unread emails Sunday morning because of one agent's alerts.

I'd like to use a variant of the Pause Internal Monitors script to add a delay to the event log check. I'm not even sure this is possible since it's not actually an internal monitor but is actually a system monitor. I am fairly new to the product and I am not finding their university documentation as easy to thumb through as I was hoping. I've searched here as well and haven't found a thread that points me in the right direction either. I did see the script to put a system in maintenance mode, but that really would be a last resort since that would kill all of the monitors, not just the offending one.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome.

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