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Anders Bermann

Encoding in Execute Script?

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Hi all,


I just recently starting discovering the world of scripting in Automate :) (I have some experience in scripting and programming outside of Automate, though)

I have a powershell script, which checks for password expiration in an AD. It then sends an email out, to all users, who's password expire in a set number of days or less. The script generates the email within the script. When executing this script in Powershell ISE in Windows, the emails arrive and are looking as intended. All letters and characters are looking fine.  I have set an -Encoding flag to UTF8, since the emails are in Danish. If I set the -Encoding flag to ASCII, the special characters, show up as '?'. When set to UTF8 - they are correct.

When executing the script in Automate, using Execute Script, the script executes fine and I receive the same number of emails, with the same content - expect the emails which contains special characters are not looking as they should. You would typically see this type of thing, if there's an encoding error of some kind...

I don't know what's happening... is there some kind of special encoding that Automate is using or does it default to another encoding?

Hope I'm making sense here... :)

Thanks for all help and suggestions. 

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