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Calling a script on different Agents

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Afternoon MSPGeeks,

I have a system that is split accross 4 Virtual Servers. Each VM has about 4 services that are required for my app to run. Once in a while I need to restart it, but I dont want to restart the VMs, the services have to be started in a partiuclar order. If I create a script to do that for Server1, is it possible to call another script which will do the same thing but on server2, then server3 etc.

Or, should I really be looking at running the script on Server1 which runs a bunch of powershell scripts remotely on server2, server3 then server4?

Kind regards,

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Ideally you'll have a log you can monitor for when the services aren't behaving properly then you can call your script as the auto fix. The monitor will run on each vm and execute the correct restart sequence on each vm that fails. 


Alternatively you can set @computerid@ variable to the computer you want to run the commands on inside the script so you can loop through each VM computerid and then call your set of commands each time. The documentation on the university has this as an example if you look for script docs using sqldataset it'll teach you about looping and changing computers. 

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