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Patch Accounting Script to specify Ticket Category

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We are using the Patch Accounting script in Automate for Patch Management but the tickets that are being created are going to the default category 'Monitor Alerts' which goes to our ConnectWise Manage 'Alerts' board and puts the client's agreement into overages.

Is there a way to modify the default script to send these tickets to a different category? We created a new category which goes to the Patching board in our PSA and gets the appropriate work-type added. However, the script function 'create ticket' and 'add ticket time' does not specify anywhere to put a category the ticket should be created as. 

In the Manage plug-in, there is a spot that says 'default ticket action' which says tray icon goes to helpdesk, and scripts, monitors, alert tickets go to Monitor Alerts. 

If we change that, then ALL alerts will end up in the patching board... 

How can we somehow specify the category the ticket the Patch Accounting script goes?

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