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Monitor Restart Service* Modify

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Any help on this script would be huge help...

I made a copy of the Monitor Restart Service* and would like to modify it for a certain server to use.  I would like to place the following into the script -

Get Reboot Info -

If server uptime is less than 1 hour - Stop and send ticket.

If server uptime is more than 1 hour - continue with restart script.


Then I need to place this into the script somewhere -

reboot server if restart of POP service was unsuccessful.  (this should only happen if it falls into the category above)




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Start using SHELL and something like this https://www.windowscentral.com/how-check-your-computer-uptime-windows-10 get the results returned directly into %shellresult% and then save it to a variable @uptime@ which you can then perform math on to make your logic.

Everything you're asking about can be accomplished either in Powershell using Execute Script or Shell with labtech scripting logic.

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