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LT - Offline Servers monitor keeps disabling.

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This keeps happening to me every day and has been for a couple of weeks now.

I know that monitors trip and disable themselves if the query fails (which it doesn't, it's the stock one from Connectwise) or if the monitor takes too  long to run.  I manage to run in in just a couple of seconds.  The server and DB itself is tuned for performance so that pretty much all of it is in RAM at any one time.

I've looked in the LT logs, but they seem to cycle so fast that I can never find any indication as to what the problem is.

Has anyone else run into this and, hopefully, found a fix?



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I also noticed the problem at least once in the past month (who knows how long it was Disabled). I asked on the Slack channel and they said the best thing is to create a monitor for Disabled monitors, and possibly automatically reset them. 

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monitor: Monitor Disabled

table: v_internalmonitors
field: AgentName
check cond.: AnyThing
result: (blank)
identity: AgentName

add'l cond.:
v_internalmonitors.lastscan > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL 388800 MINUTE)

edit: I don't think it will disable if the query fails, actually...I've accidentally typo'd the SQL and it just doesn't trigger... :(

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