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Help Creating Group for ESET Auto-Deployment

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We're trying to auto-deploy ESET to our clients that subscribe to it. I've added those clients to a group. I'd like to create a search that looks for "is server" or "is workstation" AND "is member of this group". That way I can add that search to a new group(s) and use those to deploy the correct version of ESET to the correct devices and only to the customers that have paid for it.

If there is a way to do this or an easier way to accomplish the same goal, I'll take any help.

(rant incoming) I can't believe ESET Direct Endpoint Management can't look at the auto deployment screen and gather that you want to only push to "these groups" AND "these clients"... not "these groups" OR "these clients". Seems like pretty basic functionality that is missing...

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