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Out of Date WUA on Windows 10 machine

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In the process of ensuring our patching is working correctly I have found one laptop that shows a "Out of date WUA". The command to update the WUA seems to be for Windows 7/2008. Can anyone shed any light on why this machine might show an issue and how to remedy it? It seems to be updating OK (when it gets turned on).

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I found exact same issue on 3 of our W10 machines. Funny enough, they have the same patches as other W10 machines that do not report that. I am not clear on how automate determines this for W10 machines, since WUA apparently is updated automatically on W10 machines. Also there is lacking documentation on this even from Microsoft.

I asked ConnectWise support and they replied with technet article that applies to Windows 8 and lower. Also told me the Update WUA command will work on W10 no problem. And it didn't.

The only thing I found which might be somewhat relevant is that while MS is releasing servicing stack updates for W10, Automate patch manager is happily ignoring these. does not even list them in approval policies. Now, these might be included in cumulative updates, but what is interesting is that running get-hotfix on W10 shows the servicing stack update KBs in there, just Patch manager does not. However since the patches are actually installed, ti would not be a problem of the machine itself rather than how Automate evaluates whether the WUA is outdated or not

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