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Scrub all Office installations

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Just want to check here before we invent the wheel all over again :)

Dose anyone has a script currently been used in CW Automate to compleately uninstall and scrub all Office insallations from a PC?

What we want this script to do is:

1. Scrub preinstalled office installation on brand new computers.

2. Scrub old Office installations when we move customers from old OEM office installations to Office365.


When we help our customers buying new computers they are often prepered with different Office installations from factory. When we install them for the customer we want a quick and easy way to scrub all the office installations from the PC.

Also when we take on a new customer that have used old Office installations we want the transistion to Office 365 to be quick and as much as possible been done "behind the scenes".


Anyone have a soultion for this and feel to share? :)


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