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Find Control Agents that are Not Working

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So I had an issue where someof my screen connect agents were not turned on in automate. This was a problem as some of the techs said it took a while to install. So a colleague came up with this to filter out any SC agents that are not active. 

Credit To Jim H


SELECT * FROM computers c
INNER JOIN plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled p
ON c.computerid=p.computerid
WHERE c.computerid > 1
AND p.isscinstalled = 0   

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You can turn this into an Internal Monitor by checking computers table, checking ComputerID field, and having check condition as Anything.

Put this in the Additional Condition field: computers.computerid IN (SELECT computerid FROM plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled WHERE isscinstalled = 0)


You can then set up an alert. I have some laptops that hardly ever get turned on showing up. So I just check for online PCs.

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