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Automate Webroot users: Ticket generated for "service wrsa is process wrsa not found"

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To those of you who use Automate and Webroot:


We have times when we wish to manually upgrade Webroot, or deactivate it and remove it from a system.  During that time, there is a temporary condition where the Webroot process is not found, generating a ticket with the following title:

"service wrsa is process wrsa not found for <computer>"

The Service Monitor detected that the service wrsa is Process wrsa Not Found

I have been unable to figure out what generates this alert so I can stop it from creating tickets.  Does anyone have any suggestions? There's nothing actionable on this, and we just want to cut down the noise.

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@Lonewolf, I think you are looking for this?

In Automate/Groups/Anti-Virus Management/Webroot SecureAnywhere under the computer tab is a Remote Monitor called "Webroot Process Not Running" Which has the Alert Template to "Create ticket" which you can choose to "Do Nothing"


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@Rafe Spaulding, THANK YOU!

I didn't think about them being a remote monitor (and of course, they didn't show as internal monitors, because they aren't).

Webroot's monitors have just been too inaccurate to be worthwhile for us at any rate, so we monitor it by other means.

Thanks again for your assistance.

P.S.  A reminder to me that it's okay to feel like a dope, as long as you learn something from it. 😅

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