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DOWNLOAD: Function not working

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I am trying to get a script to work with no luck.

The script needs to download a file from our LTShare and run the file, however, it is not getting passed the DOWNLOAD portion.

"The reason: ERR Could not Download file https://our.companysite.com/Labtech/Transfer/Software/WebTitan/DartTech/otgsetup.msi"

I have rebooted the server, moved the file out of the LTShare\Transfer\Software location and moved it back, renamed the file, changed the DOWNLOAD syntax to Software/WebTitan/DartTech/otgsetup.msi, but still cant seem to get the download to function.

Is the file too nested? Does it need to be in the root of \Software\?

I've also tried navigating to the file through the browser. I dont get a prompt to download the file, the page shows comes up blank.

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Check to see if you have some filtering causing the issue. Change the file name to "otgsetup.123" on the LTShare.  In your script you can write it back as the MSI.


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1. Make sure the ConnectWise file service is running. Try restarting it.

2. Rename the file from filename.ext to filename.bak, then rename filename.bak to the original filename.ext

3. Try an 'iisreset'

4. Review the IIS log files to see how IIS is responding

These are steps I have taken to troubleshoot the same issue. Usually #2 solves the issue. :( In some cases, I have even had to rename filename.exe to filename.bin to get it working, even though other EXE type downloads in the same folder (or other surrounding directories) do not experience the same issue.

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Thanks for the pointers, guys.

Turns out, for some reason, we had two LTShare locations. Getting that corrected fixed everything.

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