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Scheduled Patching - "Patch Job Operation Type: N/A"

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Hi guys,

After setting up the appropriate patching group, searches, Microsoft Update polices, I'm encountering issues where the servers aren't actually being patched. Under the server > Patching > Patch Job > the job states the below:

Patch Job Type: Microsoft Policy
Patch Job Operation Type: N/A
Patch Job Start Date: 23/02/2020 4:00:56 AM
Patch Job Finish Date: 23/02/2020 4:00:56 AM
Total Patch Job Duration: 0.00 seconds

I'm assuming "Patch Job Operation Type: N/A" is a clue to the problem, but I'm unsure as to where it gathers information for that field from. Other servers where scheduled patching is working usually shows the operation type as "Install".

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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The only approved patches will deploy on the machines and if you approve new patch which was deny before then that will never approve and nor deploy. The reason changes will not work on the approval policy. Your question is why patches were not deployed on the particular machine the issue can be this machine can be already fully patched manually. 

Can you please share screenshot of machine. So that i can verify how machines patches are still missing on the machine.

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