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FIX for Automate Desktop Client Crashing

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My team has been struggling with issues with the Automate Desktop client. We received this advise which seems to have made a difference. Figured I'd share for anyone interested:

1) Clear the contents of the following folders-
C:\Programdata\Labtech Client\Cache
C:\Programdata\Labtech Plugins

2) Local PC accounts (actual user account the technician logs into Windows with) require full control of the following folders and registry key entries. Right-click > Properties > Security > Edit > Add > type username in and Check Names > click OK once selected and ensure Full Control is checked for that account.

C:\Program Files (x86)\LabTech Client
C:\ProgramData\LabTech Client
C:\ProgramData\Labtech Plugins

Registry Key Entries:

3) AV exclusions for the Control Center:
L:\ (if the LTShare is mapped to the L: drive)
C:\ProgramData\LabTech Plugins
C:\Program Files (x86)\LabTech Client

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Well, none of those things is going to work because its simply buggy. Its been buggy for years. It suffers memory leaks and probably other issues. The memory leak is very obvious.

A couple of years back I supplied all the info to show that the console crashing issue was definitely a memory leak bug. All you had to do was to use the console for a couple of days and it was guaranteed to crash. The tests in which I managed to reproduceably crash it consisted in nothing more than opening and closing Computer View windows. Around 20 was enough.

They tried to blame everything. Configuration, plugins, AV, whatever. I excluded all of these and I was able to finally get them to accept it was a bug.

The next release they rushed out a fix for the problem. You now have me to thank for the fact that the desktop client automatically shuts down after a period of time.

That was it. No other fixes applied. Nothing touched since then. It still crashes after nothing more than opening windows and closing them.Computer view especially so.




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Ian, I'm totally sending my boss your way the next time he gripes about the desktop client closing down after he leaves it running 24/7. 😄

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A few weeks back I saw a post on Reddit about using only 1 user class per user greatly speeds things up (particularly  loading), and it seems to have made it far more stable on my PC.  Otherwise if left running for multiple days it wouldn't necessarily crash but would get super slow until restarted, or stuff didn't work right.  Meaning, if a user was Admin and Power User, and Power User is a subset of Admin, remove Power User.

The log-out-after-24-hours is a setting somewhere, we had set it longer but still had to close out after several days per the above.

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