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Installing Executable's and changing information during the install

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Hi All,

This is probably going to be a quick NO but I was wondering if anyone knows a way to complete fields during an installation using an executable file. I know the best practice is to use an MSI but its an old piece of software that we are not able to get an MSI for. During the install we need to modify the default install location. This in turn means its a manual install of the software.

I wasn't sure if there was a command in automate that states something like
run install.exe
First field type CTRL + A (To accept the license)
Press Enter
Type C:\FOLDERLOCATION (To change the folder location from c:\programfiles\folderlocation)

and so on.

Automate seems pretty powerful I didn't wanna state it cant be done until I checked with you guys :)

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If this is an old installation and the company is not going to update it you could repackage the installation with some legacy tech like Installmaster or something newer like MSIX Packaging tool [link below].  An alternative would be to use a program as a wrapper to watch for, and populate, the variable field(s).  I believe that I used AutoIT for this in a past life [link below].

As for Automate, I would go with the assumed 'No'.






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