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Shadowprotect SPX service failure :resolved.

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Hi All.

I have just been tackling a problem that has just been persistent enough to get right under my skin. 

Using storage craft SPX occasionally the service will stop and refuse to start again, meaning you have no backups until its resolved.
The problem is described in this link on the shadow protect website.

Initially the resolution was to delete the files, then manually reconstruct the backups and generally start a new chain, Definitely not the best option.

Shortly after i found those files could be extracted from a backup and restored to full working order as before what ever caused the failure in the first place.
This was  much faster and also allowed the continuation if image chains. 

Finally i have been scheduled a few days to work on our automate install, rather than just within it and have automated the process.

If anyone else would like this to save themselves time leave a comment here.
ill post the full details. 

but the basic of it is.

monitor1 check a reg value, if not 1 it runs script1, this runs hourly

Script1 checks if the service is running (no point copying broken files)
copy's the 3 files to a new folder in the automate folder on the customers computer
then set the registry value to 1.

monitor 2 checks if reg value, if its 1, if it is,
 it then checks that each file exists.
if it finds that any on the 3 files are missing it deletes the folder and sets registry value back to 0.
This way Monitor one should recreate the files.

I then altered the existing monitor for SPX service not running to use another alert template. 
if the service is not running it now creates a ticket as normal, but also runs a script.
this script checks the registry value, provided its 1 it deletes the faulty files, wait 30 seconds, replaced the files from when i stored them.
attempts to start the service again, waits 30 seconds, checks if the service is running.
If the service is running it automatically closes the ticket. 


This may seem over complicated but it seems to work.



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