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Hi all,


I don't know if this has been explained before (or if this is a stupid question), but I've been searching around, and couldn't seem to come up with - well at least a straight answer.

How do you create an Agent Template and how do you apply it to a localtion-only (or a sub-location)? 

For instance: I have a client, which has locations split into 4 different sub-locations in Automate. I'm looking to apply a different Tray Menu for each of the 4 locations (and 1 which everyone is getting). How do I create Agent Templates, which are limited in scope, to only 'hit' specific locations or clients?

Hope that was somewhat understandable... :)

Thanks in advance!

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How do you create an Agent Template? Automation > Agent Templates - then 'Add' and configure the specific settings that you want for the Agent (I think of this more as a 'Profile' and configure specifics that I want to associate with it)

How do you apply it to a location-only (or a sub-location)?  Configure a 'Group' that uses a search to identify what client/location/condition that you want and then configure the group (on the Main tab) and use/assign the (Agent)Template to the Group.  Note: You can also set the priority of this Template(profile).


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