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I am ready to give up - Backup destroys my automate server

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I am using VEEAM to back up my on-prem automate server.
I have pre and post scripts that stop the services before the snapshot and restart them after.
After nearly EVERY backup, I have about 12-15 monitors that are disabled and ALL of my heartbeats show a future date and time. I am literally at the end of my rope and ready to give up. Sometimes restarting certain services fix it, sometimes not.
If anyone can help, I would sincerely appreciate it.
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Hey @Chris Panagapko,

Sorry things are so frustrating. I work for StorageCraft and am happy to see what we can do for you. My number is 801-871-2882 and my email is Justice.Willis@StorageCraft.com other than that I am sure you have already done so, but you could call Veeam and see if they have any useful info to give you on what might be the issue?

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On 4/27/2020 at 12:35 PM, mike_judd said:

VSS based backup software is not approved for Automate servers.

1) do you have a source for that?

2) isn't that what ShadowProtect is? :)

I don't think MySQL is VSS aware, to flush writes, but it should still work to back up the files on disk.  I've actually restored without issue before.

Chris, in what order are you starting the services?  Perhaps pause a bit between MySQL and the LT agent?

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