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Hey Guys,

We created our Own Service Plans, Onboarding etc. and its working great for us. Now another Partner wants to adopt our System and we helped them to create the required Service Plans, Groups, EDFs,  Patching, Searches etc.  We also connected new Alert Templates to a specific Ticket System. (API and Script)

The difference to us that he started with Ignite and we are not familiar with it. Whats the easiest way to completely disable Ignite? I'm aware of disabling it via Locations Tabs, is there anything I also need to consider? Disk Monitors which were created by Ignite Onboarding, I assume I could bulk delete them via SQL?(we have our own Disk Creation Monitors Scripts with own Alert Templates at Onboarding and Group Level)

After that I thought about to check it back with something like: SELECT * FROM groupagents WHERE `AlertAction` LIKE '3'; ?

Thanks in Advance!



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