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Automate Cloud vs on Prem 2020 assessment

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Hey all,

There's a fair bit of mixed info when googling about hosted Automate (a lot of it looks old and probably not a thing anymore). With a fresh perspective of how it is NOW would you 'do it again' if already in the cloud, or not? What are some points against going hosted Automate beyond a slight performance hit? 

We are currently weighing the 'silent costs' of maintaining our internal environment (VMs running on in our office) vs moving Automate to Connectwise hosted in cloud and wondering if anyone currently using it that isn't part of the CW Marketing team can share how they feel about the in cloud world and whether there are issues significant enough that could effect decision and value that the hosted offers.



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Posted (edited)

Hosted suffers from the same gotchas that any shared infrastructure does - unless your environment is perfectly configured, it can end up being severely underpowered for the load upon it... and ConnectWise likes to charge for upsells. Access to the LTShare is hindered due to intermittently available WebDAV access that also needs to have a password reset every 30 days, as the password expires after 30 and no option to change that - however, as scripts tend to now be wrappers for github- or other cloud-hosted payloads, this has less of an effect than it once did. Going hosted also ties you to ConnectWise SLAs, which are a slight bit lacking lately with respect to server-downs. That said, the Cloud team has saved my bacon a few times as they do keep regular, automated backups and have good security-minded engineers feeding coal to the boilers - getting to them can be a challenge sometimes. Finally, data access - hosted means you get to sip from the silo of data; on-prem lets you hook turbopumps to the database if needed.

Ultimately, IMHO if you have the resources (both hardware and wetware) to properly manage and maintain the infrastructure, on-prem gives you an Infinity Gauntlet to wield. Go hosted if you're a 1- to -5 man shop and need some time before you have the proper resources to dedicate to running your own in-house Mjolnir.

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