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barinder singh

SSL Certificate Monitoring

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From last few days, I was looking for implement the monitoring for SSL certificate. Finally I have created the script for it. I would to share with you. 


This script is created for Checking SSL certificate expiry date. It will create PowerShell script under LTSVC directory, and this PowerShell script will use in remote monitor to monitor the SSL Certificate.
This script will perform following steps:-

1)      Create PowerShell Script under LTSVC Directory.

2)      It will find the thumbprint of SSL.

3)      Check the Group ID

4)      Create the Ticket category, if not already created.

5)      Create the remote monitor on Group and apple ‘Default – Create Ticket’ with alert message.


Before running the script on server, please put the value on variables.

1)      Check Type :- If you want to monitor specific SSL Certificate (Automate Server or Control Server) Then Put value  1 in Check Type variable, otherwise put 0 for monitor all SSL ceritifcate i.e. step 3.

2)      CheckFoR :-  Put the name of server for which you are going to monitor SSL certification for example put ‘Control’ for control server , ‘Automate’ for automate server.  Step 5

3)      Port :-  Put the port which are bind with SSL.  Step 7

4)      IP:- Put the IP. Step 9

5)      Threshold :-  Monitor threshold value. For example, if I put 15 the monitor will monitor the SSL, if monitor is going to expire in 15 days then it will perform action based on template. Step 11

6)      CertificatePath:-  Put the certificate path.  Step 13.

7)      Destination:-   Optional. Step 14

😎      FileName:- Optional 

9)       MonitorName :-  Put the name of monitor  step 19

10)   Group:-  Put the name of group on which you want to create the remote monitor. Step 21

11)   Category:- Put the name for ticket category which you want to assign to monitor.

12)    AlertAction:- Put the Alert action ID. By default, it will create ticket.  Step28


if you have any suggestion that would be great.

Please ignore language as English is not my native language.







SSL Monitoring.xml

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