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Scripting with EDF's

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So I have been combing through the forum here for a while looking for examples of how people have scripted local admin account setups. I have built out a script to do all of those tasks but wanted to customize the @Password@ variable in some way so that the script could reference a client-specific local admin password.  This way ALL the PCs I manage don't have the same local admin pw. Is there an intuitive way to do this with EDF's etc? I can't even find where I would put in a Client EDF and which script function to use for this. I feel like they are right in front of my eyes. What am I missing? Anyone else have a different setup for creating different local admin passwords via scripts? I don't want a different script for each client unless there is no other choice, but I feel like fetching an edf value that has that pw would be perfect, just not clear on the details. Any help would be awesome. 

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