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Thoughts on coming back...

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I've been through the gambit with the RMM solutions. Initially with Labtech, then to LPI / Level Platforms, then back to Labtech, finally having it reinstalled by LT after being told that would cure our ills. It didn't, so we went to Ninja, which was actually pretty good, but limited. Now I'm on N-Central, which seemed powerful, but has been kind of a non-start for just about a year. We have not enjoyed a great technician acceptance, and it's largely just doing very basics for us.

I just had a demo, and it looks like Automate and CW (We are a CW shop) is now a bit better integrated. I'm pondering coming back. Cost-wise, it's more expensive than N-Central, but I'm willing to absorb that if it's really going to do what it appears to do in the demo.

So my questions are:

1. I have my old On Prem LT server VM from 2017 and just fired it up. It runs, although it gave me a license error... It's version 11.0.418 I've got 276 agents and have grown to 800 now, so I'd need more agents. Do I upgrade my existing server, purchase licenses, etc.? Is that even feasible?

2. Go the new model of the monthly pay (looking like with S1 it's going to be around $5k a month On Prem.

Thanks for your help! 

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