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How can monitoring alert the admin of errors, space, ETC.

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Hello all, 

I am sort of new to labtech and always worked with Kaseya. In Kaseya, I was able to monitor drive space on the server, and receive an alert via smtp when it reached a certain thresh hold. Also, alerting when a service fails, high cpu utilization, ETC. Anything that can cause a problem and cease production.

It's got to have it. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Disk space alerting generates emails by default, so no need to go configuring. Same for quite a few other urgent issues.

You can modify/create similar funcionality by creating a monitor and applying it to a group and then marking it to alert byt generating emails.

From Control Center desktop, open Browse > groups > Services Plans > Windows Servers > Double click on "Managed 8x5"

Open Computers tab > Remote Monitors tab 

The list of monitors it shows only applies to servers with an 8x5 maintenance plan. Click on one like 'Perf - Available MBytes' then click on the Details button at the top. This will display the details of what is being monitored. Beside that on the right there is a dropdown for the 'alert template'. This is how an email would be generated. You can use the canned alert templates or generate your own. 



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